organic hair care products

From shampoos to styling creams to wooden hair brushes, my goal as a stylist is to use products that are as natural as possible while still performing at professional standards. After scouring the beauty industry for clean lines that work, I’ve culminated a few of my favs: Innersense Organic Beauty, Oway (aka Organic Way), and Tek Italian Hairbrushes.

Inner Sense-0064.jpg


Nature is at the center of Innersense Organic Beauty . They believe that choosing clean, pure, beautiful haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair. Their products are crafted from certified organic plant ingredients that deliver hydration, moisture, shine, and health only our girl Mother Nature can provide.



Oway is the world’s first professional styling line with biodynamic, organic, and fair trade ingredients. Their green chemists hand select the highest quality formulations to achieve professional results without the use of common salon toxins. Oway immerses clients in a multi-sensorial, non-toxic salon experience with active botanicals and pure essential oils.


tek hairbrushes

Tek is an Italian company that produces natural, artisan, 100% FSC certified wooden brushes and combs, all hand made in Italy. With special attention given to environmental protection, every single component of Tek’s wooden products have been crafted following sustainable principles.